TT-4 Tractor v1.0.0.0 MOD

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TT-4 Tractor v1.0.0.0 MOD

TT-4 – Soviet tracked skidder traction class 4 tons, manufactured by the Altai Tractor Plant. Designed for choker skidding of a forest by forming a package of whips or trees and transporting them in a semi-submerged state.

The tractor has a front cabin and engine (the engine is located inside the cabin). Working equipment is located at the back. Rear axle drive. The frame of the tractor has a protective bottom. Working equipment – 2-speed winch with 12 tf. and 9 ton., loading shield. The maximum permissible load on the shield is 6 tons. The transmission consists of a clutch, gearbox, rear axle, final gears and a transfer case distributing power from the engine to the gearbox and winch gearbox. Transmission – reverse, provides 8 speeds forward, 4 back. Suspension tractor balancing with four carriages, two on each side. The front carriage combines two, and the rear three rollers.

It has:
Animation of pedals, clutches, pedals, gearshift lever, suspension, tracks, shield
Washes, gets dirty
Please do not alter the mod, it will be refined, and act conscientiously when using parts, namely, scripts.
P.S. Blame about this here is not so, the other is not so, I will not listen, since you know, make your own and do not yelp.
P.P.S. I am the author, but on the site the nickname is old)

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