Welcome to the Slovak village. This is a fictional map based on a real location in the Slovak Republic.

Required mod:

– This map includes all the functions of the Farm Simulator 2019.
– Pastures for animals (cows, sheep, pigs, chickens) built into the map for the New Farmer game mode. Pastures can also be sold.
– Large detailed farm area for the New Farmer game mode. In the “Farm Manager” and “Start with Scratches” modes, you can build whatever you like.
– In the game mode, the New Farmer has a detailed farm house located in the village and connected with chicken pasture. Thus, you can feel like a citizen.
– The train system is on.
– 37 fields – small / medium / large – fields with their specific shape and square fields.
– 14 points of sale – including BGA, train.
– 4 railway silos. In the city: Train loading bay – Grain, can only load grain. The loading area of ​​the train is Root crops, it can only load root crops + sugarcane. East of the map: The railway bunker in the east can load cereals and root crops, sugar cane. In the forest zone: Railway bunker – wood chips, can load only wood chips.
– All points of sale, railway silos and shops have their own specific opening hours – you cannot buy / sell things if they are closed. Note: At the first boot, everything is closed, just wait 1 in the game hour and everything will return to its standard work cycle.
– Large forest area
– Missions – including field and transport missions.
– NKP with Slovak names
– Individual transport pallets + recycled standard pallets.
– A large pallet with new items to be used in a pre-laid farm plot in New Farmer game mode. Thus, you can use them in other modes. (small gas station, workshop, shelters, gas stations …).
– Buy stations scattered on the map – you can buy seeds, a fertilizer, a liquid fertilizer, a herbicide, lime … or even animal feed – oats, pig feed. This, of course, is a little more expensive than pallets from the store, but more convenient.
Dung and liquid manure traders are included. They can both sell and buy. Manure can be loaded directly into the trailer or, if desired, use the manipulator and load manually.
– A small unique feature: In the car shop you can find a Manitou forklift truck that does not belong to anyone, and if desired, in the store. With it, you can load the pallets you bought, you do not need to take a manipulator with you. Especially helpful to get started. He is for everyone, do not steal it.

– Expand your farming business to new areas. Various factories included in the map, from large factories for the production of embedded machines to small hosted machines. (A quarry, a sawmill, a meat factory, a dairy factory, an orchard …) To be able to produce products at these factories, you first need to buy them by buying the farmland on which they are built. Small hosted cars can be placed wherever you want.

– Seasons dod ready, with everything the fashion season offers. Change in texture – bushes change color depending on the time of year, roads and similar objects change texture in winter and so on. Individual weather, crop growth and environmental data to match map location.
Cotton and sugarcane are included, they will grow. These, of course, are not typical cultures for map location, but if you really want to play realistically, you can download the GEO mod seasons from modHub by me – Seasons GEO: Slovakia, This is the same GEO that is used on the map, with the only difference that it is realistic (no cotton and sugarcane).
– Upgrading feather for animals is ready.
– The modernization of the manure system is ready.

Change Blog v 1.1
– Price balancing – Increase in selling prices for soy milk, meat products, brick, stone, gravel and a little for gold and dairy products. Increased purchase price for empty pallets. Reduced selling prices for apples, pears, plums, apricots, tomatoes, green peppers, lettuce.
– Production of pallets: Recycled functionality, empty pallets are now worth it to manufacture, as it should be, and even more boards produced at the sawmill will be sold as planned.
– Sawmill: Adjustable ratios of how many boards and wood chips should be made from the same amount of wood / 1 log to 70% of boards and 30% of wood chips (there were 58% of boards and 42% of wood chips) Reducing the maximum productivity of wood to 1,500,000 liters (there were 2,500,000 k), the previous maximum performance was unnecessary too high.
– Meat: The increased amount of meat you get from sheep to 700 liters

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