Poppendorfer Forst V 5.0 MAPS

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Poppendorfer Forst V 5.0 MAPS

Version 5.0 Multifruit, Chopped Straw
Multifruit eingebaut!
Chopped Straw eingebaut!
Weitere Details eingebaut.
Log fehler Behoben.

Welcome to the Poppendorfer Forst.
The map was built from scratch.

The Animation Map Trigger Mod is required!:

Have fun with the map.

PDA Map adapted!
Tree trunks do not disappear after the store anymore!
Other bugs fixed (symbols adapted to the animals, sales office adapted)

V 3.5:
Log Fixed bug.
Fields made available.
Added more details.
Landscape embellished.

Further details included (shelter, display panel …)
The reset point is now at the farm.
Incorrectly placed signs removed.

Error selling point and unloading points.

Niggels Katsuo (Agrarteam Franconia) Steffen30Muc (Agrarteam Franconia) Basti Pickel (Agrarteam Franconia) FqC art DaGoasse GSI-Flash B34STx Jaw purpure
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