Northwind Acres – Build your dream farm v2.0.0.3 MOD

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Northwind Acres – Build your dream farm v2.0.0.3 MOD

Welcome to Northwind Acres map. This is a brief description of the map.

Changelog v2.0.0.1
Remodeling of the main farm
Removal of heavy objects (high poly silo)
Organization of placeable objects
Wind turbine in the fields
Vegetation modeling – more detail
The capacity of the main farm silos will be adjusted to 10000000L – Enough for up to three harvests each fruit!
Adjusted sound effects locations
Fixed issue with lighting poles on main farm
New PDA map
New Initial Vehicles ( Northwind Acres map version)
Corrected volume of wind sound effect
Fixed problem with map borders
Added location for sale of vehicles in the Vehicle Shop
Added farmTrailer structure in mainfarm

The map is part of the XLFarms project, which presents large plots of cultivation for the use of high power machines. It has a smooth topography, with small elevations, dirt roads between the fields and a low vegetation.

Northwind Acres Locations
Railroad Grain Silo
Selling Station Wood Chips
Daisy Dragon Dairy
Biogas Plant G.L.G. Green Leaf Gas INC.
Animal Trader Patterson Stockyards INC.
Horse Ranch Wild Pony Resort
Vehicle Shop Area
Spinnery Hill Wool Mill INC.
Spinnery Weberei Striesing
Grain Silo Central

Northwind Acres Fields
1 – 64
2 – 64
3 – 64
4 – 64
5 – 9,06
6 – 25,6
7 – 25,6

Map by MoslessNeo
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