Multifruit Harvester Pack v1.2.0.0 LS 19

Multifruit Harvester Pack v1.2.0.0 LS 19

With version, the fruits that can be harvested with this Roder Pack are loaded directly from the card and added to the devices.

This means that you will no longer receive “warnings” if a fruit is entered in the harvester that is not installed on the map. At the same time, this also means that you no longer have to rewrite the harvester if your map contains a fruit that the harvester had not previously entered.

All fruits that require preparation with cabbage beaters are automatically entered.

Tested in SinglePlayer, MultiPlayer and on a Dedi server. The pack ran flawlessly in all three variants, also using the standard helper. If you find any problems or bugs, please let me know. Maybe I can turn it off.

This mod package can still only be used to a limited extent with AI-Vehicle Extension (see mod description).

Here I offer you my converted multifruit harvesters for download, after it has been in use with me in the game and with us on the server since March ’20 and I have been asked several times.

The pack includes:
– Grimme FT300
– Grimme KS 75-4
– Grimme Rooster 604
– Grimme SE 260
– Grimme Varitron 470
– Holmer HR12
– Holmer TerraDos 40
– Ropa Boar 2
– Ropa Panther 2
– Ropa RR 6×45
– Ropa RR-XL 9×45
– Ropa Tiger 6

A special feature of this pack is that you do not have multiple vehicles / devices, but can harvest the following 12 fruits with a single device: all the fruits installed on the map that need preparation can be harvested.

Examples of such fruits would be:
– potatoes
– sugar beet (sugarBeet)
– red cabbage (redCabbage)
– white cabbage
– lettuce
– carrots
– onions (onion)
– Roote Beete (beetRoot)
– tomato
– cucumber (cucumber)
– cauliflower (cauliFlower)
– garlic

You no longer have to remove or add fruit from the pack’s devices. The script does this for you.

If you prefer to determine what the device should be able to harvest instead of all fruits, you can continue to do so by entering it in the xml of the corresponding device. The script recognizes this and then uses the entered fruits and no longer all the relevant fruits installed on the map.

The remaining functions are those of the standard game.

Please note that you will definitely get a WARNING in the LOG if your card does not contain one or more fruits. You can ignore these warnings that they do not damage performance or impair functionality. If you no longer want these warnings (they look ugly too, I know that), you have to delete the corresponding fruit names from the xml files of this pack. If you need help, just write to me.

If errors occur, please let me know.

Known problems:
It is currently known that this mod cannot be used in conjunction with the Mogli “AI Vehicle Extension” mod. If you want to use both mods in your game, then you should let the trains of this pack run with the standard helper (other helper mods may also work).

Thanks to KattaLord for explaining how a call-back function works.
Also at GIANTS for this great game.

The pack is at your free disposal.
Use it. Rebuild it. Take the script and change it to your liking. Upload it wherever you want.
I do not need approval for this.

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