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Dear peasant community,
As promised and promised, we now put our “Baby” – the Mecklenburg to download after over 2 years of construction time.
I would like to thank BlackyBPG / Cosmic-HD / Trabi-TT Moding / Patrick EuroGaming / Anton Fuchs / AndiScania TLS Modding / FQC / Maurer / MarcModding / Harald Schoth / Hirschi’s Agrar & Forstservice / Harald Schärtl.
A special thanks go to our entire LS17 project team, without you the project would never have been possible – I pull my hat before each one of you, THANKS!

We hope you have a lot of fun and hope that the original link will be preserved for a long time. We have not written any instructions, because we think you are clever minds and practice is the master.

Required mods: NO

It would be nice if you look at our long and time-consuming work on our mods and the file does not download under another link in the web for download.
The map can only be set with the original link in other forums!

BlackyBPG / Cosmic-HD / Trabi-TT Moding / Patrick EuroGaming /Anton Fuchs /AndiScania TLS Modding/ FQC/ Maurermatze /MarcModding / Hirschi’s Agrar & Forstservice / Harald Schärtl.
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If you notice any mistake, please let us know. CONTACT US
What is this mod use for

Would you like to improve your Farming Simulator 2017 game? Then you should be interested in Farming Simulator 2017 Mods. With these mods you are able to add extra features to your game and update it. No need to wait for the new official version! Develop the game individually and enjoy it even more. We offer quick and simple upgrade, don’t miss this exclusive chance! You will like the changes, we assure.

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