J&M 680 Gravity Wagons V2.0 MOD

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J&M 680 Gravity Wagons V2.0 MOD

V2.0 Features:
– All FS19 standards
– Fully UDIM (PBR textures) by SiiD Modding
– New specmaps (dirt and wearable) by SiiD Modding
– xml on FS19 standards
– Description and Configurations in Polish, English, German and French languages

+ all addons and changes from V1.0:
– 3 wheels Configurations
– 3 Tarp cover Configurations
– 3 warning Signs Configurations
– 2 paint Style (Decals) Configurations
– 3 Main Body Color Configurations (J&M Green, Red and Blue!)
– 3 Rims Color Configurations (Grey, White, Faded White)
– 5 Tarp cover Color Configurations

– All realistic values (mass, capacity, tire sizes, overloading speed etc)
– Fully Washable!
– FS19 Lights!
– Small, reduced file (3.4 MB)!
– FS19 xml standards!
– Realistic steering! (Appalaches modding xml lines)
– Electric conector Target and Hose!
– Working realLights!
– FS19 Particle system (smoke, grain effect etc)
– Detalied overloading Animation (tip Animation)
– HD Decals and Stickers
– Screw details!
– Error Free!

JHHG Modding and SiiD Modding
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