DODGE RAM 3500 V2.0 FS17

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DODGE RAM 3500 V2.0 FS17

Dodge Ram 3500 Dually 4 door
Lots of cutomization options!

– Reular box bed
– Flatbed

Main color / Design color

– Regular bed
– Flat bed

License Plates
– None
– SD
– AB
– NE

Snowpow Mount
– On
– Off

– On
– Off

– On
– Off
*** Both regular bed and flatbed have tension belts.

– 370 Hp
– $50/day maintenance
– Max speed of 62mph
– Fuel Capacity of 120

Giants, JRD84
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What is this mod use for

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4 Responses

  1. Rogue says:

    The only issue is its to fast.

    • Tractor Man says:

      I managed to slow it down and make it more reasonable. I don’t understand why modders make these vehicles so stupid fast. they are unusable…

  2. Daniel says:

    Make rltruck mods for consoles I’m on xbox I would appreciate it if you would

  3. Daniel says:


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